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The SuperSynthFX (SSFX), is a software-synthesizer and sample player with integrated effects. The SSFX is freeware and was developed mainly for use in conjunction with an Touch Panel PC or Tablet PC. The SSFX is a VSTi-Plugin and thus also made for regular DAW operation. The goal of this project is to provide an analog control surface, similar to that of old analog synthesizers. The SSFX is using a touch panel to simulate this behavior. In addition, the SSFX offers the sound of vintage analog synthesizers, as well as advanced sound design possibilities, such as sampling. Instead of using mouse controls, the finger or a pen can be used to control the sliders. The SSFX provides a user interface wich is optimized for this purpose. Creating your own sounds can be very intuitively. This is reached with the help of virtual sliders, buttons and knobs. Control them as you would control an classic synthesizer with an analog control surface. A building plan for a cheap DIY Music Touch Panel PC (MTP-PC) and a rudimentary sample library are also available.


+ + May 5th, 2009 Version 1.0 of SuperSynthFX is available in the download area + +

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